5 Star 5 Star 7/8" Thick Trooper Trail/Endurance Pad

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Another great design from 5 Star! This 28" L x 32" D endurance/trail pad is great for a saddle with a short, round skirt and also accommodates dropped rigging exceptionally well.

5 Star pads are specifically designed to fit your horse or mule conformation and feature a unique two piece construction - eliminating spinal pressure and improving saddle fit without over-cinching.

5 Star uses only 100% pure virgin wool in the manufacturing of 5 Star Saddle Pads. They are made with the highest quality F10 Rated Pure Wool Felt available and is made with heat and pressure with a compression rating of 6.0 to 7.0 PSI and a Tensile strength of 200 PSI.

The qualities of wool allow it to remove heat by wicking away sweat thus cooling your horse. 5 Star felt protects against pressure points on your horse's back and will maintain this strength and quality for 2,000+ hours of riding time with proper care!

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