NibbleNet Double 6" Deep with 2" Openings

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THE NIBBLENET ® is designed by a horse lover for horse lovers.  The unique design and high quality construction make this the ideal way to feed hay to your horses.  The 2", 1.5" or 1.25" openings in the front of the bag allow the horse to "graze" for his hay in a much more natural way.  Instead of gulping down big mouthfuls, he has to work for the hay, one bite at a time.  This slows him down, which is much healthier for his digestion, and keeps him busy much longer.  The design of THE NIBBLENET ® is such that there is also much less waste of hay. 

These are excellent for horses with feed related health issues, like laminitis and obesity.  Perfect for horses that don't have a lot of turn out time like show and race horses.  Ideal for traveling and trailering.

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