Boredom Busters - Best Horse Toys and Treats

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Boredom Busters - Best Horse Toys and Treats

Horses can feel just as cooped up as people do when the days are short, the weathers been bad and they get less and less opportunities to stretch their legs. This can lead to naughty behaviors and excessive stress as they try to release energy and occupy their brains. The good news is that toys can help with this and we have many different options! 


Yummy Treats


Salt licks are a great option for any time of the year. They can double as a toy, while getting horses some of the essential minerals they need. We sell hanging licks that can keep horses more occupied because they move around and can be played with as well. These are an affordable option that lasts longer than sweeter treat options. Our Himalayan Salt Licks replace much needed electrolytes, as well as, offer iron, potassium and magnesium is an entertaining way. They are weather resistant so a great option for in or outdoors. 


The Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Ball is another appetizing option that hangs to keep horses entertained while also providing much needed vitamins and minerals. This tasty treat can be hung in stalls or runs to keep horses entertained for days or weeks at a time. 


The Jolly Stall Snack is another great option, designed for horses to lick to prevent boredom while offering a nutritious snack. The apple shaped holder is refillable with multiple flavor options. 


Ball Feeders


Need something a little less easily accessible and more time consuming? The Ball Feeder can be filled with treats or grain but requires the horse to push it around to get food to fall out of the single opening. This option can entertain your horse for hours and also get them exercise as they push the ball around. The Mrs. Pastures Cookies work great in this toy since they are just the right size to not come out too easily but do come out with work. 


If you like the ball concept but need something with a lower caloric content the Slow Feed Hay Ball works like a mobile haynet. This ball makes horses work harder to get their hay while promoting movement and slow feeding. The ball also comes with a strap if you want to hang it like a net. 


Jolly Balls


If you need a great toy that's not food related, the Jolly Ball is a great option for playful horses that like to use their mouths and toss things around. This unique toy inflates without air and cannot be easily destroyed. Horses can toss it around with the handle or push it with their noses. It comes in scented or unscented options and can provide hours of fun! 


Homemade Toy


Need something quick and cheap? Create your own toys at home! Empty liter pop bottles hung up by string can be fun for horses to play with and you can cut hole(s) to dispense treats as well. Dog rope toys can double as horse toys and young horses or donkeys love to swing them and carry them around. Traffic cones can also be a fun option for horses to push over and stand up. 


Make sure to watch for our next Boredom Busters video and blog on tack cleaning! 


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