Colorado Leather Balm Original Formula

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Colorado Leather Balm’s Original Formula comes in two scents- Orange-Vanilla and Citronella. Orange-Vanilla is a pleasant, light smelling scent that is a good fit on any leather item. Citronella scented CLB is a better fit for leather used outdoors or anywhere that pests are a concern, including insects and animals, as well as having powerful antibacterial/antifungal properties. Citronella is Colorado Leather Balm's recommended scent for saddlery and tack. For use on boots and shoes, saddlery and tack, hand bags, belts, holsters, leather clothing, or older, dry leather luggage or furniture. Not appropriate for suede or nubuck leathers. If in doubt, test it out! 

Ingredients: Beef Tallow, Lanolin Oil, Bees Wax, Essential Oils. 


Directions for Use: Clean leather using a damp cloth rinsed in warm water with a few drops of dish soap (not glycerin based soap- it does not have the right PH balance for leather). When the leather is still slightly damp but clean, scoop a bit of Colorado Leather Balm out with your fingers and massage into your leather. The heat from your hand helps get Colorado Leather Balm deeper into the leather fibers and it's also a great skin conditioner for YOUR skin.  Bonus!  Continue with applications until leather is saturated and does not absorb any more balm. For best results, let sit at least an hour or overnight, then take a clean rag (microfiber or an old washcloth both work great) or a soft bristled brush, and gently rub or buff leather until surface has a deep gleam, is smooth to the touch and no longer tacky. Because CLB absorbs so well, buffing your leather is fast and easy to get that deep luxurious gleam!  Before you buff out your leather, you might see some white residue- this is just extra balm on the surface- it will wipe right off. For especially dry leather, this entire process can be repeated multiple times. Note: This product will likely DARKEN leather, as it deeply nourishes, conditions, and protects it. Take special care when conditioning carved or tooled leather or seams- the balm can get stuck down in the carved areas and be difficult to remove later. If you do get balm down in seams or tooling, an old tooth brush works great to get it out, or a short blast with a hair dryer will help melt and drive the excess leather balm into the fibers of your leather. Lastly, a little goes a long ways!

| Scarlett Nielsen 22-06-2022 20:42

This leather balm doubles as a tack cleaner and hand moisturizer! It has a lovely orange scent and cleans leather beautifully and keeps it supple and shiny!! Love this stuff!

| Elizabeth Hirn 17-06-2022 16:30

I absolutely cannot say enough good things about this leather balm. It is helping me keep my 10+ year old saddle looking good and even helps with my mom’s 40+ year old saddle. I used it on my leather checkbook when I spilled water on it to prevent damage and it worked beautifully. It is super easy to apply with a sponge or your fingers. Not only that, but it smells amazing! Support this local company at your local tack store!

| Caroline Melsa 07-01-2022 01:25

I ABSOLUTELY love this stuff. I have been using it for several years, and I love how it makes my tack not only smell good but look fantastic. I use it on any of my old and cracked leather and it works wonders to make the leather look brand new! Please keep this available to shoppers.

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Colorado Leather Balm