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We call ourselves MUFFINS WITH A MISSION, and that is indeed what differentiates us from the other equine treat companies on the market. We are actually giving back to our community and providing meaningful work for individuals with Special Needs. The bakery functions as a vocational job training site, as well as a place that individuals who already have graduated school can come and be a part of our team. Our goal is to encourage and provide an environment where they can feel comfortable and have some much needed socialization as many do indeed isolated lives.

The muffins themselves are delicious and unique! Each one has a sweet treat center based on the variety of the muffin. 

Our DayBreak Farm horse treats are delicious molasses muffins topped with candies and sugar cubes with the exception of our Special Edition muffins. Each Classic & Seasonal muffin have a sweet treat center based on the variety of the muffin.

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Day Break Farm Muffin Company