Fairfax Stallion Snaffle Bridle Head Piece Black

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Part of the revolutionary research conducted prior to the development of this bridle found that any undue pressure on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) had an effect of the horse's straightness and way of going. Therefore the prolite padding of this shaped headpiece extends much further than a traditional bridle thus moving or total negating pressure in this area. In addition, where a traditional browband is usually looped onto headpiece the Fairfax Performance Bridle's browband is screwed on; removing the unnecessary ridge of leather and therefore the pressure point.

Due to the Fairfax Performance Bridle's unique design and construction this bridle is not available to purchase as a complete bridle but is sold as individual bridle parts based on the horses' measurements to ensure the best fit possible. It is recommended the Fairfax Performance Bridle is fitted by a Fairfax trained fitter.

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