Jenuinely Jeni Extended Figures Necklace

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Just imagine a standard dressage arena doubled in length! The elegant geometry that serves as the infrastructure upon which all dressage tests are built inspired Jeni’s Extended Figures necklace. Jeni explores common ring figures under the context of an extended arena gracing one side with six twenty meter circles and another with (two) three loop serpentines. Either of these patterns can be worn facing front or serve as a backdrop for one of two horses embellishing their opposing sides. With the trotting horse worn facing front, he appears to follow the meandering line of the serpentine just behind him. While a round dignified equine bust and two half loops beautifully compliment the cascading circles they are layered over. Extended Figures was handcrafted in sterling silver by artisan Jeni Benos.

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Jenuinely Jeni