Jenuinely Jeni Odin Necklace

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Dimensions: 1 ½” from the top of the bail to the bottom of the circle.

Cord: Brown or Black Suede, 16” with sterling silver clasp.

Material: Sterling Silver with Suede Cord

Jeni’s dressage horse necklace is graceful and bold with open detail granting him a light look. His frame is round in an abstract linear form. Jeni took a “less is more” approach to this necklace and carefully selected a few lines to portray the bridal along the contemporary outline of the horse. Rather than cluttering the piece with two large bits at the corner of Odin’s mouth, Jeni simply gave him two sets of reins in order to maintain the clean look of the pendant while affirming the feel of a double bridal. Double bridals are used in the FEI, or upper levels of dressage, making Odin a cultured representative of his discipline.

Jeni Benos enjoys dressage herself and naturally brought her love of dressage into her equestrian jewelry collection. It seems fitting that a riding discipline based in precision and grace would ultimately become a favorite style of riding for an artist and jeweler.

Jeni’s Odin dressage horse necklace is sophisticated and bold. The piece works beautifully as a necklace and can be special ordered as a stock pin. Odin is a must have for dressage riders from training level to grand prix!

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Jenuinely Jeni