NibbleNet 9" deep w/ 1.25" Square Opening

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We are finally offering The NIBBLENET ® 1.25" into our slow-feeding system line of bags!!! These are 1-1/4" square openings. You have asked for it and we have listened. The 1.25" size opening is not for the uninitiated. Unless your horse has become proficient with the 1.5" openings, we recommend that you do not order this bag. The holes are very small and they will not be for everyone or every horse. This bag is designed for extreme slow-feeding.

We recommend using a nice grass hay. We believe this bag will be wonderful for minis and smaller animals. They will also be wonderful for health related issues since slow-feeding is mandatory. Even a large horse can use a NIBBLENET ® 1.25" . I have tested it extensively on my 1300# Quarterhorse and he can manage it well. He is an "easy-keeper" and it slows him down perfectly. He is an experienced NIBBLENET ®  user and we feed a nice fine Orchard grass hay.

If you watch a horse grazing naturally in the pasture you see him tear off very small amounts of grass at a time. This is the way horses are designed to eat. All of our bags simulate this natural grazing.

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