Happy Horse partners with Adreinne Hendricks and Laura Whitaker to offer full service, professional saddle and tack repair.
Listed below are some of the saddle repairs and general estimates for our services.  For accurate price and ETA quotes your tack or saddle must be evaluated by our bench workers.
If you plan to ship your saddle to us, please include your contact information and NO PACKING PEANUTS!
  • Complete Reflock (includes a saddle evaluation and flocking adjustment¬†within 60 days, client pays mileage) – $350
  • Flocking adjustments – $50-150
  • Air Panel to flocking Conversion (includes evaluation and adjustment) – $350
  • Tree Evaluation (unsafe or broken saddles will be returned opened) – $150
  • Rivet Replacement – $150-250
  • Stirrup Bar repair and replacement – $300-370
  • Saddle Relace (front or back) – $50
  • Billet Replacement – $25-40 each (we strongly recommend replacing all billets at time of service)
  • Billet Webbing Replacement or Conversion – $180-380
  • Add/Replace Dees – $50 each (requires Relacing)
  • Knee Pad Replacement – $300-525
  • Wear guards and patches – $200-325
  • Knee blocks (stitched or Velcro, custom or stock blocks) – $200-400
  • Hand stitch work (including cheek shortening, hooks, buckles, splicing, girth elastic, etc…) – $80 per hour plus materials.

For More Information

Jen Wright
Phone: 970.218.3595
Email: jen@happyhorsetack.com