Our Services

Consignment Apparel and Tack


The Happy Horse accepts select apparel, tack and saddles on consignment (saddle information can be found here). You never know what treasures you will find in the famous Happy Horse consignment room!


All consignment items must pass the Happy Horse Standards in order to be sold in our inventory.  If you have items to consign, please bring them into Happy Horse and they will be evaluated. If accepted, they will be priced by the Happy Horse staff.  Items are contracted for 6 months and it is the seller’s responsibility to pick up any unsold items, upon expiration of contract. Commission fees are 40% for cash pay out.  The Happy Horse is not responsible for items left out of contract for more than 30 days.



Blanket Washing and Repairs


Happy Horse has partnered with NoCo Equine Services to bring customers affordable, quality blanket washing and repair. NCES offers laundry services for a variety of horse wear items, repairs, waterproofing and even storage! NCES picks up from Happy Horse on a weekly basis and all work will be competed and items returned to the customer within 14 days. Instructions can be found in our blanket shed located in the Happy Horse parking lot. Please contact Lisa at (970) 213-5035 or [email protected] with any questions or concerns.



  • Blankets
    • Large Blankets ≥ 72” – $40
    • Small Blankets < 72” – $35
    • Coolers/Sheets – $20
  • Saddle Pads
    • Sheepskin – $20
    • English – $10-15
    • Western – $20
  • Wraps
    • Each – $2
    • Set of Four – $6
  • Shipping Boots
    • Each – $3
    • Set of Four – $9

    Repairs are charged at $30 per hour, materials included.  All items requiring repair will be charged the standard cleaning fee.  Estimates will be sent to the customer for approval before repairs begin.


    Waterproofing (blankets only, includes cleaning) – $50




    Custom Nameplates


    Happy Horse works closely with Rocky Mountain Business Engraving to take custom orders of nameplates.  Halter plates, saddle plates, dog tags and bridle tags are just a few of our plating options!  Purchase your plate from Happy Horse and we will mount it for FREE on your desired piece of tack.  Plates purchased elsewhere we will happily mount for $10 each. 



    Special Orders and Requests


    Need something that we don’t have in stock? Or just want a different size/color?  We can get that for you! Email [email protected] with questions.