Champion Hill Brush Co Full Size Natural Brushes

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12 x 8¼'' wood-backed dandy brushes. 

  • Stiff Union Fiber - These stiff all season dandies are excellent for removing caked on mud and dust from thick coats. 
  • Medium English Grey - Perfect for loosening trapped mud and dirt from clipped or summer coats. 
  • Union/Tampico Border - The stiff union fiber loosens trapped dirt, while the softer Tampico helps whisk it away. 
  • Bleached Tampico - For light grooming and finishing, tampico leaves coats smooth and sleek. 
  • Horsehair Blend - Excellent show quality finishing brushes, leave coats smooth and glossy. 
  • Soft Ivory Poly - Soft finishing brushes have superior sweeping away and flicking action. Made from durable polypropylene. 
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