Hit Air All-in-One Bungee Lanyard

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Newly Updated and Versatile AIO (saddle strap and lanyard together)

New patented all-in-one saddle strap and lanyard combination is compatible with all Hit-Air Technology.  The all-in-one allows for two quick connection points. Easily connect to your Hit-Air wearable safety air vest to the saddle strap. The saddle strap is adjustable for all types of saddles, allowing for use with all disciplines.

Easily adjust its length to achieve the perfect fit for your needs.

Locate the ideal position on your saddle, secure it in place, and hit the trail. You can attach this combination to your english or western saddles by using the stirrup bars or wrapping around the horn or loop it underneath. Here at Hit-Air we know, each riders saddle set-up is unique. We have crafted a universal lanyard so you can have a variety of ways to hook in. Find the best attachment point for your saddle. The point must be secure and sturdy to prevent any mishaps during the use of the vest, as it could hinder the vest from deploying. Wherever you may attachment, adjust the lanyard to recommended length for your set up.

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