Prolite Multi Riser Pad Black

Article number: FAX-PPAD/MULTI
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Adjustable PPAD / MULTI
Size: Full | Color: Black, White

Base: Base: 1/2" closed-cell medical grade Prolite foam
Pockets: Two front, two rear
Removable shims supplied: set of four 1/4" shim
Spine length: 53cm

Temporary saddle-fit alteration
- ideal for the busy yard

A versatile, hard-working pad, featuring Prolite® inserts that can be used or removed as necessary to alter the depth at the front or rear. Use it without any inserts as a standard Relief Pad. A practical choice for a youngster that’s developing or changing, or when using one saddle on different horses.

The Standard (Thick) Multi-Riser is particularly useful when the horse requires additional cushioning, as well as needing the shim inserts to balance out saddle fit left-to-right, or front-to-back, or to help remedy saddle slip. For example, when there’s a novice rider on board or on long-distance trail rides. It’s also great for riding school horses who are ridden by riders of different levels & weights or for any horses who are ridden for long periods of time.

Thick shims (1/2") and replacement thin inserts are available to buy separately.

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