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Features a small opening at the bottom which allows horse limited amount of grass, yet unlimited water, to help prevent laminitis, founder and obesity. May also be used as a training tool to discourage nipping and cribbing. Added reinforcement for additional strength and durability. Safe, comfortable, lightweight muzzle resists rubbing and chafing, and will not rot. Attaches to your leather or breakaway halter with 4 adjustable velcro straps, offering further breakaway capabilities.


Which muzzle size should I order?

The best way to determine size is to measure your horse's face using the sizing chart (in photos above).

To measure:

1. Refer to the sizing chart to choose a size. Most horses wear the same size muzzle as halter, but not always. After choosing a size, note the depth and circumference of the muzzle. Because horses' heads are generally tapered like an ice cream cone, measuring the circumference of the face at the right spot is critical to finding the correct size muzzle.

2. Stand to the side of your horse looking at the profile of his head. Start at the tip of his lips and measure up towards his ears to the depth of the muzzle.

3. At this point, measure the circumference keeping the tape snug. A horse will need at least an additional two inches for chewing and regular movement of the jaw.

4. If you are in between sizes, get the larger size. The muzzles are intended to have a roomy fit.

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